Friday, October 22, 2010


Fall is by far my favorite season, EVER.
And to top it off, October is the quintessential fall month.
I like fall so much that if I were a breeding-season-type animal, I would rearrange my instinctual habits and breed in the fall. Because it makes me THAT happy. And no one wants to be preggers in the summer. Talk about uncomfortable.

I apologize for the messiness of this post in advance.


I love the smell of falling leaves and apple cider. I love sunny days with crisp breezes. I love wearing hoodies and boots and sunglasses and driving down the highway with the windows down and the heat slightly on.

I love Halloween and I love themed parties, even moreso if I get to dress up. I love horror/thriller movies and creepy things and ghost specials on TV.

I love going apple picking and going to the pumpkin patch and the orchards. I love the colors of fall, especially the changing colors in the leaves.

The best is when a single leaf is in the middle of changing and has different colors throughout it. Screw chlorophyll. Give me a colored tree over a green one anyday.

Fall is one of the few times I don’t think the majority of Pennsylvania is a complete dump.

I also love raking leaves and jumping into piles of them, unless there are spiders and/or snakes in said pile of leaves. In which case, whatever, I’ll scream and get over it quickly because it’s fall.

It’s also the most perfect temperature EVER. The only time you sweat is when it’s super sunny and you overcompensated for the breezes with a hoodie. You can still wear short sleeves and not want to murder the nearest furry animal just so you can use its hide for warmth.

Not to mention apples in general…even if you don’t like apples normally, I guarantee you an apple picked fresh from a local orchard will reform you. I could eat apples and apple-based foods every meal all season and be content with my life. And I’m not even that big of an apple fan in the first place. PLUUSS fall means caramel and candy apples are all over the place! And corn mazes. And hayrides. Ohh and flavored honey sticks!! Those always remind me of fall, I think because I always get them when I go to the pumpkin patch/orchard.

When you think about it, October is usually the time of the year where you’re still loving being back at school. Around November you start hating it again and it starts getting cold and you want to kill everyone again. Especially knowing that you have about 5-6 months until you can go outside without 5869 layers and getting the wind knocked out of you by the cold air.

And the best part of fall is going for trail rides through the woods. Especially bareback or racing through cornfields. That sounds ultra hick-ish of me, but seriously anyone else who rides horses knows how impeccable fall is for riding. Best weather, best views. You’re not freezing or sweating your ass off and the horses are in the middle of growing their winter coats so they’re nice and fuzzy but not shedding everywhere or have so much hair that you think you need a bigger girth size.
Ahhh now I just want to go run around in a pile of leaves and drink a cup of apple cider and run through the fields on my wild, furry steed.

That sounded weird.

Anyway, the point is, I like fall. A lot.

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