Wednesday, March 2, 2011

title of post.

EDIT 4/4/11:
Can we please just focus on the fact that not only did I not have enough attention to finish the last damn sentence of the post, it took me a whole month to realize it.
Remind me to never get into a career path that includes blogging. I will clearly struggle to succeed. I'm also keeping the entry as-is, perhaps to remind myself that it takes a mere minute to read through a damn paragraph and check for any commonplace, abhorrent grammatical errors make sure I actually finish a thought for once (rare).

So. I (clearly) have not been blogging as I had originally planned.

I find that, in general, this happens a lot:


" " (approximately a week later): Eh.


" " (next day): *yawn*

It's safe to say I have the attention span of a gnat. Not to mention that this blog had literally no purpose when it started except to allow myself and a few friends to be entertained by my random rants in the future. If you're one of those creepers and anonymously-stalks (c'mon everyone has done it at one point or another)...this blog, thanks! I'm glad you think I'm interesting. Sorry to disappoint lately. I promise I'll come up with something soon? I do feel like I'm past-due for an idea that will be tangible enough for me to maintain enough attention to write about it.

To be honest, at this point the only real reason I'm keeping it is to keep my own stalking blog-reading organized (AHEM. Publicly, I might add--I own up to and follow all the blogs I creep on. Not to point fingers or anything...) and becaus

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